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Domestic supplies are joining the mix with improved supplies out of Peru. Look for markets to slowly decline throughout the week.



Peru crop will join the mix in the next couple weeks. Mexico continues with good quality and supplies. Sources state markets will start to trend upward as Mexico will begin to limit crossings into the US.


Green Beans

Florida supplies are coming to a close. Expect markets to be up and supplies to be light till mid May once Georgia production starts.


Blackberries, Blue, and Raspberries

Blackberries: Supplies are gapping. This is expected to last for 2-3 weeks until volume out of central California ramps up. Blueberries: Supplies are good with steady markets. Raspberries: Similar to Blackberries, supplies remain lighter out of Mexico. California production expected to ramp up over the next couple weeks.



Supplies are improving and demand continues to be firm. Markets are holding steady.


Broccoli, Cauliflower

Broccoli: California and Mexico are producing good numbers. Markets holding steady from last week. Cauliflower: Supplies are lighter due to reduced yields because of quality. Look for an uptick in the market.



Demand exceeds supplies. California production is expected to start around July. Larger sizes currently have the best availability. Markets remain elevated.


Cilantro, Parsley, Green Onion

Green Onion supplies continue to be steady with steady markets.



Steady supplies continue out of Florida. Markets slightly up from last week.



Supplies continue to improve as Florida produces fair to good numbers and Georgia has joined the mix as well. George is expected to ramp up its volume over the next couple weeks. Quality is good and markets are slightly lower from last week.



Cantaloupe: Imports coming through Florida will come to an end in 2 weeks. Mexican fruit crossing through Arizona has lower pricing bringing relief to the market.. California fruit is expected to start later next week. Honeydew: Florida imports will wrap up in the next 2 weeks. Mexican fruit coming through Arizona has caused the markets to come off. Quality is good. Watermelon: Increased supplies out of Mexico and Florida are keeping the market lower. Quality is good on both coast.


Lemons, Limes, Oranges

Lemons: Domestic supplies are holding steady with stable markets. Limes: Supplies are improving on both small and large fruit. Markets are coming off significantly. Expect this to trend into next week. Oranges: Supplies still remain very limited on smaller sized fruit and is expected for the rest of the navel season. Markets will remain elevated.



Light supplies continue out of Florida. Spring crop is off to a slow start and producing low numbers. Markets are steady from last week. Georgia production is expected to be in circulation this week. Mexico is producing lighter supplies on colored bells. Markets are up on all varieties from last week.



Iceberg: The market continues to hold steady even with supply gaps reported throughout the industry due to sporadic plantings. Discoloration, misshapes heads, and insect damage still being reported. Leaf: Markets are trending upward on Romaine, Red & Green leaf, and butter. Supplies on Romaine Hearts continue to be sufficient. Future warm weather is expect to bring some relief to this market. Tender Leaf: Supplies are improving with fair to good quality. Markets are holding steady.



The Green market is firming up on both coast. Quality remains fair to good. The market on Red is starting to come off. Quality remains respectable.



Texas production is moving into their final weeks. California production continues to grow. Markets are expected to come off as supplies improve.



Markets are firming up on all cartons. Burbank's are the primary variety shipping out of Idaho.



Northern Florida production has started and production continues to increase. Georgia will start in the coming weeks as well. Markets holding steady from last week.


Squash, Zucchini

Supplies are improving on both varieties as spring plantings have ramped up. Florida should continue with adequate supplies throughout April and carry on for a few more weeks. Georgia has started and producing good numbers which is helping keep the markets lower on both varieties.



California peaches have started and Georgia peaches are expected start here in the next two weeks. Pricing is higher on first domestic supplies.



Rounds: Plants are producing much lower yields this past week and showing low energy to produce 2nd and 3rd picks. Ruskin/Palmetto Florida growing regions are expected to end early this year. Due to less supplies, markets are up from last week. Roma: The Ruskin/Palmetto Roma supplies continue to wind down as well. Supplies are expect to last through May. The market is up from last week. Grape/Cherry: Volume out of Ruskin/Palmetto is lighter on this variety as well but expected to hold through the first week of June. The market is holding steady from last week.