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Mexican supplies remain light due to cooler weather. Peruvian supply continues to be plentiful and should continue through mid January. Markets are less active after Thanksgiving but forecasted to move upward with the approaching holidays.



Supply is plentiful on all sizes. Growers and shippers are reporting good quality.


Green Beans

Georgia supply has finished leaving demand on the Florida crop. As supplies are slowly improving on both coast markets remain elevated.


Blackberries, Blue, and Raspberries

Blackberries: Supplies are steady out of central Mexico. Numbers should increase as we move into December. Blueberries: The market has risen as Peruvian supply has finished and Chile production has been affected by inclement weather. Production out of Mexico is expected to ramp up over the next few weeks. Raspberries: Mexico production has brought some relief to the market. Stable supplies are forecasted in the coming weeks.



Demand continues to exceed supply and markets are elevated. Florida has started in a light way and Mexico is producing respectable numbers as well. Supplies are forecasted to remain light for some weeks to come.


Broccoli, Cauliflower

Broccoli: Quality issues like pin rot continue to reduce yields keeping supplies light. Yuma, Santa Maria, and Mexico are all in the mix but current demand still trumps supply. Cauliflower: Demand remains heavy as supplies continue out of Salinas and Yuma. Cold weather has impacted growth. Current market conditions are expected to carry into next week.



Salinas has finished leaving Oxnard and Santa Maria the main growing region. All sizes are available. The market remains elevated.


Cilantro, Parsley, Green Onion

Green Onion supplies continue to be somewhat fair. Mexico is forecasted to see improved weather. Markets are steady at an elevated level.



The market is holding steady this week as production on Yellow continues out of Georgia and Florida.



The market is lower this week with Georgia and Florida in the mix.



Cantaloupe: Offshore supplies have significantly improved over the last week. Off shore product is also due to Texas and California ports this upcoming week while Mexico and Nogales supplies are in the mix as well. The market is steady from last week. Honeydew: Supplies out of Mexico and Nogales are plentiful. Demand has come off keeping markets steady. Growers and shippers are reporting good quality. Watermelon: Florida's production is low. Northern Mexico is on it's way out as Southern Mexico will start around the first of the year. Quality is good and markets are higher.


Lemons, Limes, Oranges

Lemons: Production holds in San Joaquin and the California Desert/Arizona region. Fancy grade is the most prevalent. Limes: Shippers are reporting good quality and availability. Markets are expected to find upward pressure in January. Oranges: Domestic navels are ramping up and the main variety. 88ct and larger fruit will improve over time. Future cooler nights will help increase natural color.



Georgia production is near it's end pushing east coast demand to Florida putting upward pressure on the market. Red bells remain light as Canada has finished leaving Mexico the key player. Markets are expected to improve in the coming weeks.



Iceberg: Markets are holding at an all time high. Supplies have mainly transitioned to Yuma. Current market conditions are forecasted to hold for the coming weeks. Leaf: Markets continue to hold at an elevated level on Romaine, Red, and Green leaves as well as Butter and Romaine Hearts. Supplies have finally transitioned to Yuma but extreme markets are forecasted to hold for a few more weeks. Tender Leaf: Supplies are lighter due to increased demand because of higher prices on Lettuce commodities. Cold weather in Yuma and Mexico has stunted growth affecting Parsley, Spinach, Cilantro, and Arugula. Quality is fair and markets continue to hold at an elevated level.



Domestic Green and Red Grapes are starting to wind down. Imports out of Peru are delayed and quoted to be higher. The market will consist of domestic and imported supplies in the coming week.



Availability continues to be strong on Red and Yellow varieties. Markets are higher on White varieties.



Supplies continue to become light on 40s-70s causing markets to hold at extreme levels. The crop is lighter this season due to lower yields. Shippers are trying to stretch supplies. Expect this to hold throughout the season until next years crop.



Similar to cucumbers, production out of Georgia and Florida are keep the market lower.


Squash, Zucchini

Supplies have improved over the last week but not enough to bring significant relief current markets. Markets have adjusted downward but still considered elevated.



California Kiwi production has started while Persimmons and Pomegranates are starting to Harvest in the Central Valley of CA.



Demand exceeds supply. Markets are holding at elevated levels. Supplies on the East coast are light because of the Hurricane activity over the last month. Mexico production is forecasted to remain light till the first of the year. Markets are expected to remain elevated through January.