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Royal will be closed July 4th. PRE-CUT ORDERS set for delivery on Monday, July 6th must be placed by 12PM on Friday, July 3rd.



Weather, crop transitions, pandemic, and other factors impact a number of items. Read More »


High heat and tropical storms affect a multitude of produce items. Read More »


Berries, Broccoli, & Corn – Oh My! Read More »

Royal Food Service's Response to COVID-19

Royal Food Service continues to closely monitor Coronavirus (​COVID-19) outbreak developments. We have implemented additional safety and hygiene procedures to protect our employees and customers, to maintain business continuity, and to continue service.

Please reach out to your Royal Food Service representative regarding questions or concerns in reference to this matter.

If you need assistance during this time and are not already a Royal Food Service customer, click here.

Read Royal Food Service's Full Response to COVID-19

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Week of June 29, 2020

Top Picks

Butter Beans, FL #1293
Peaches, GA #5512
Peas, Pink Eyed, GA #9094
Watermelon, FL/GA #4410
Watermelon, Yellow Flesh, GA #8021

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The Core

Royal's Weekly Field Report

The Core

It’s Georgia Grown Butter Bean Time!

Ah, the butter bean, a sure sign of summer in the south. If you grew up in the South, your Mawmaw likely served you butter beans alongside cornbread or biscuits in the summertime. Mawmaw would shell … Read More »

The Core

Royal Food Service Delivers Produce Boxes to Healthcare Workers Fighting COVID-19

Nourishing our communities is one of Royal’s core values because there aren’t many things that touch our lives as often or as significantly as food. That’s why Royal Food Service strives to be more than … Read More »

The Core

Georgia Grown Peaches are in the house at Royal Food Service.

  Is there anything more Georgian than peaches? Georgia peaches are a special regional commodity looked forward to all year long. Waiting on Georgia peach season is akin to awaiting Christmas. Royal Food Service takes … Read More »

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