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In addition to an abundance of local produce items, Royal carries an array of local non-produce items including Georgia Grown cheeses, Florida juices, Georgia Grown pickled products, honey from North Georgia, grains and grits milled in South Carolina, and more! Check out our weekly local list and inject some local flavor into your dishes.


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Week of February 22, 2021

Top Picks

Chard, Swiss, Red #8027
Mushroom, Hedgehog #4675
Peas, Hulled, English #9505
Pomegranates #8460
Radish, Watermelon #6109

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You’ll Love Royal Food Service’s Valentine’s Day Items

Roses are red We’ve got carnations, too Sustainable take-out containers And pink gloves for you 8280 Red Roses 25 pcs/case Dine-in and carry-out guests will love the option of adding flowers to their orders! Pre-order … Read More »

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Deck Your Plates with Holiday Items from Royal Food Service

Make spirits bright with fixin’s and trimmings to help you craft delicious holiday meals and beverages. Read More »

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Tearless Sunions Sweet Onions Now Available from Royal Food Service

Sunions are a product of more than 30 yrs of farming, research & development, Sunions follow a tightly-controlled brand promise that must certify them as tearless & sweet. HuffPostLife tested Sunions tearless onions to see if they … Read More »

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