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Royal Food Service's Response to COVID-19

Royal Food Service continues to closely monitor Coronavirus (​COVID-19) outbreak developments. We have implemented additional safety and hygiene procedures to protect our employees and customers, to maintain business continuity, and to continue service.

Please reach out to your Royal Food Service representative regarding questions or concerns in reference to this matter.

If you need assistance during this time click here to become a Royal Food Service customer 

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Week of November 30, 2020

Top Picks

Cranberries #1684
Chard, Rainbow Swiss #8028
Figs, Brown Turkey #4002
Kale, Tuscan GA Grown #4015 #4016
Satsumas #3924

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Fall Specialty Items from Royal Food Service

Make this fall season special with autumnal offerings from Royal Food Service.   Read on for an overview of Royal’s Fall Specialty Items.   Georgia Grown Pumpkins from Jaemor Farms The Echols family at Jaemor … Read More »

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Sooper Sweets Onions Available from Royal Food Service

  It’s a hard pill to swallow when Vidalia season ends, but Sooper Sweets onions from JC Watson farms in Idaho are here to satisfy your cravings! Created as a sweet onion alternative, these sweet, … Read More »

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To-Go Packaging Now Available

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