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Cultivating Change 2016 - Giving Back Is Good!

Giving Back Is Good!

We believe in local farming and we believe that supporting growers in our communities is the best way to ensure a future for food. Cultivating Change, the Greener Fields Together local farm grant program aims to fund projects or pursuits that will help local farmers do what they're best at: farming. Grant amounts from $3,000-$10,000 will be funded on an annual basis to qualifying growers through an online voting platform and industry review panel.

Interested in applying? Registration opens September 1st! Learn more by visiting: Cultivating Change or by contacting Royal Food Service at 404.366.4299.



Greener Fields Together and Venkman's Hosts "Make Your Meals Matter" Brunch

On Saturday, July 23rd, foodies and environmentalists alike gathered at Venkman's in Atlanta, GA to celebrate the seasonal flavors of the Southeast region. These locavores were attending the first Make Your Meals Matter event organized by Greener Fields Together and Royal Food Service. The event aimed to highlight and celebrate the efforts of local farmers. Read full article.

Make Your Meals Matter Brunch at Venkman's



Jaemor Farms Shares Thoughts on Top Grant Win through Cultivating Change

Grant program supports local farmers in achieving higher agriculture sustainability standards.

Jaemor Farms—our supplier of Georgia grown strawberries and other fresh produce—shares thoughts about Cultivating Change, a farm grant sustainability program, and safety measures their top level award made possible! Learn more about Cultivating Change.



Read "Breaking Down Barriers for Local Food" on TriplePundit

Article written by PRO*ACT's Supply Chain Sustainability Manager, Kathleen Weaver.

17741387003_82eb0c6c62_zMost consumers believe produce comes shrouded in plastic: perfectly-selected apples presented in a pristine package ready to enjoy. And while anyone eating fruits and vegetables excites me for all the obvious reasons both health- and commerce-related, there is one significant difference between the eater of today and that of the past. Eighty years ago, most folks knew how an apple was grown, which is no longer the case. Read full article



Royal Scores 98% Two Straight Years on Third-party Food Safety Audit

3rd Party HACCP/GAP Audit - Past 4 YearsThis week Royal received another outstanding high score on its HACCP/GAP food safety audit performed by Primus GFS, one of the strictest third-party audits in the industry.

Primus GFS performs annual audits through their Auditing Operations division and considers our scores over the past three years to be superior. The scope of the audit includes storage and distribution operations and supporting processes such as repacking and splitting, incoming product and stored product inspections, product coding and tracking, temperature controls—all key elements of the standards defined by Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Royal strives to meet high standards and practices, not only in matters of food safety, but in all areas of our business—from the products we pass on to our customers, to our level of customer service. Food safety auditing is one way in which we put our customers first. Thank you for being our customers, and for helping us to make excellence a possibility!



Jaemor Farms and StoneCreek Hydroponics Awarded Grants for Farm Improvements!

Jaemor Farm     StoneCreek Hydroponics

We wish to publicly thank all those who recently joined Royal Food Service in helping two of our local farms, Jaemor Farms and StoneCreek Hydroponics, who applied to win a grant worth up to $10,000 to improve their farming operations by obtaining standards certifications or making improvements to infrastructure, capacity building, or marketing.

Thanks to your support through your daily voting, we're happy to report that Jaemor Farms was awarded a total of $13,000 and Stone Creek Hydroponics was awarded $3,000! The additonal $3,000 to Jaemor was for their finish in the popular vote! Both farms were among the top 10 chosen by an industry review panel!

The contest, Cultivating Change Grant Program, was sponsored by PRO*ACT's Greener Fields Together. Jaemor Farms made it to the top 10 and StoneCreek Hydroponics came in real close to the top ten as well. It could have not happened without your help. We thank you once again for your support!

Cultivating Change

We believe in local farms and farmers who have made it their life's work to feed the community. Through the Cultivating Change Grant Program, we are giving back to farms by helping to fund improvements in Food Safety, Facilities Expansion, Certifications and more.   Jaemor Farm chats with Greener Fields Together and Royal Food Service about their Cultivating Change Grant award and how it will help them to achieve an important food safety goal.


Royal Supports Georgia SHAPE'S Healthy Child Initiative

Georgia SHAPEGeorgia SHAPE is an exciting initiative to improve Georgia’s future, beginning with our state’s most vital and important asset: our young people. We know all children can benefit from knowledge of their current health-related fitness levels, along with a capacity to develop and implement strategies for personal improvement.  Read more about Georgia SHAPE.

Below: Georgia SHAPE team poses with Governor Nathan Deal. image placeholder



Produce Professor