Sweet Grass Dairy Cheeses Available from Royal Food Service

Located near the Florida-Georgia line in Thomasville, GA, the Littles craft authentic, full-flavored cheeses from premium milk produced by their grass-fed cows. This small, family-owned business uses rotational grazing – a process by which their cows are strategically moved to partitioned pasture areas to allow vegetation in previously grazed pastures to regenerate. The Littles are committed to sustainable farming while creating award-winning, Georgia Grown cheeses. Collectively, SGD has won over 30 awards for its incredible cheeses.


Husband and Wife the Littles stand in a pasture with a jersey cow behind them
The Littles on their farm where they use premium cow’s milk to craft exceptional Georgia Grown cheeses.


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wheel of asher blue cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy

Asher Blue
#4035 1/5 LB Wheel*
Cow’s milk blue cheese with an earthy flavor and notes of cocoa on the finish.

wheel of Green Hill cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy

#4028 8/8 oz Wheel*
Double cream, soft-ripened with a subtle mushroomy flavor and a silky texture.


wheel of Griffin cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy

#4025 1/7 LB Wheel*
Aged a minimum of 120 days, Griffin has a crumbly texture and malty flavors.


tub of Lil Moo soft, spreadable cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy

#4031 2/2 LB Tubs
Similar to cream cheese but lighter with a more spreadable texture and more tangy profile.


tub of pimento cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy

#9467 1/4 LB Tub
This southern classic has a slightly spicy, smoky flavor and a creamy, spreadable texture.


Wheel of Thomasville Tomme cheese named after the town Sweet Grass Dairy is located in - Thomasville, Georgia

#4030 1/6 LB Wheel*
French-style farmhouse table cheese with subtle grassy flavors. Naturally rinded with a semi-soft texture.