Royal is committed to delivering safe, local, sustainable foods while minimizing our carbon footprint because it’s the right thing to do for our planet, community and future

Investing in our future

Royal Food Service has been certified by the Green Business Bureau as an environmentally responsible business. Royal has achieved Green Platinum tier status by adopting principles and practices that demonstrate a superior commitment to conserving the environment and making the environment a healthier place for our customers, employees, and community. We appreciate your continued support of Royal Food Service and thank you for your commitment to sustainability.

We invest in and work with local farms who are sustainability conscious. To name a few: Stone Creek Hydroponics, Crestola Farms, Jaemor Farms, Nix Farms, Williams Farms, Southern Valley Fruit & Vegetable, L. G. Herndon, Little River Produce, Sweetwater Growers, Living Fresh, and others.

Royal nourishes communities while conserving resources.

Energy Star Portfolio Manager: Royal tracks and analyzes monthly and annual consumption of water and energy to better understand and evaluate waste and ways to better conserve resources.

Fuel Consumption Management: Through Blue Tree Systems technologies, Royal reduces the carbon footprint by managing fuel consumption, driving style, and location on routes.

Full Single-stream Recycling and Paper Waste Reduction:
Royal recycles all office paper, plastics, glass, and other recyclable materials. Recycling containers are located in each office and throughout the facility to encourage participation. All cardboard is baled and sent to a recycling facility. Approximately 90 tons of recyclables are diverted from the landfill each year.

Royal helps to reduce the use of paper products and waste by offering customers order placement through our web-based order system.

Documents are electronically stored in order to further reduce paper waste.

Laser printers are used for printing invoices, reducing the number of paper copies.

We work with our customers on paper reduction initiatives.

“Green” Supplies: Royal purchases office, break room, and cleaning supplies from suppliers that offer eco-friendly products such as Staples’ EcoEasy.

LED Lighting: In 2015 Royal completed a full facility retrofit of its lighting to LED lighting and achieved a 10% reduction in monthly kilowatt hours — the equivalent energy usage of 16 homes. By swapping older CFL type lighting for high-efficiency LED lighting and programming them to automatically turn off when not in use, the retrofit greatly reduced power consumption.

Renewable Energy Credits: Royal purchases renewable energy credits through Georgia Power to offset its carbon emissions.

Greener Fields Together – Positively impacting our people and our planet.

Greener Fields Together is a sustainability program for the entire produce value chain. GFT and their partners have created the food industry’s first comprehensive, national sustainability and food safety initiative that encompasses the entire produce supply chain, from national farms and processors, to small local farms, to distributors and foodservice operators. GFT’s mission is to foster continuous process improvement by all parties so that produce is handled in the most sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly manner from seed to fork.

Launched in 2011, GFT was created and is administered and ran by PRO*ACT and its national network of independently-owned local purveyors. As a formalized, stand-alone program, Greener Fields Together engages and involves farmers, distributors, foodservice operators and retail locations in efforts to work toward safer produce from seed to fork.

What are the goals?

Greener Fields Together has two primary goals:

  1. To implement sustainability practices that will improve environmental impact
  2. To ensure the availability and safety of produce for foodservice and retail partners in all industry segments

Who are the participants in Greener Fields Together? 

Greener Fields Together is a program for all supply chain partners, including local, regional and national farmers, PRO*ACT distributors, commercial and noncommercial foodservice customers, and retail locations.

How Greener Fields Together Delivers:

Greener Fields Together quantifies sustainability efforts with every partner, facilitates transparency and continuous improvement at every link and, ultimately, creates a future for conscious production and consumption. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Large national farms and processors are engaged in making continuous sustainability improvements to their growing, harvest and post-harvest activities.
  • Local farms are supported with financial and educational resources to nurture greater availability of locally grown produce.
  • Distributor partners are monitored for ongoing, measurable sustainability improvements. (i.e. purchasing of local produce; food safety; conservation of resources, etc.).
  • Hospitality and retail operators who commit to the Greener Fields Together supply chain and embrace sustainability in their own operations can proudly display the Greener Fields Together logo for patrons to see.