Strawberry Alert

Poor weather is reducing crop yields and impacting quality.

Overall production has decreased throughout the winter season growing regions and current crop forecasts cannot keep up with demand for this time of year.
The following weather events in our growing regions over the last several weeks are playing a pivotal role in low. In Central Mexico, frost and cold, have negatively impacted both fruit and blooms. Meanwhile in California, a cooling trend and windy conditions impacted strawberry crops and will continue to do so for the next few weeks.   In Florida, the strawberry situation has also worsened. Cooler weather at the end of 2020 slowed crop maturation. Normal temps followed, but strawberry yields have not and the demand continues to outpace supplies. These crop shortcomings are major setbacks. Prices will be much higher than usual through the end of the month and could possibly cause problems for the Valentine’s push. Current supplies are showing some bruising, soft skin and shortened shelf life. 
Please keep quality issues and limited availability in mind as you plan your upcoming menus through January, and possibly Valentine’s Day.