Sooper Sweets Onions Available from Royal Food Service


It’s a hard pill to swallow when Vidalia season ends, but Sooper Sweets onions from JC Watson farms in Idaho are here to satisfy your cravings!

Soopersweet yellow onion being held in an onion field from JC Watson Company in Idaho

Created as a sweet onion alternative, these sweet, delicious onions are sure to please even the most discerning palate.

  • Sweet
  • Mild
  • Easy on the eyes
  • Vidalia alternative
  • Domestic
JC Watson Company is a fourth-generation produce company established in southwestern Idaho in 1912 making J.C. Watson one of the oldest family-owned and operated companies in the produce industry. The Produce Reporter Co. listing for J.C. Watson denotes TRADING MEMBER status since 1929, which makes J.C. Watson Company one of the longest-established TRADING MEMBERS in the produce industry, and the only onion shipper in the 75–year plus category. As of 2005, J.C. Watson Company began focusing its efforts solely on the production, packing, and marketing of premium onions.

J.C. Watson Company uses state of the art equipment in all facets of growing, storage, and packing, including photo-assisted computer sizing. JC Watson is also the creator of Sunions – tearless, sweet, crunchy onions (seasonal product also available from Royal Food Service).