Royal has Sunions – America’s 1st tearless sweet onion.

Royal is the first in the Atlanta area to offer Sunions – a product of more than 30 yrs of farming, research & development, Sunions follow a tightly-controlled brand promise that must certify them as tearless & sweet.

HuffPostLife tested Sunions tearless onions to see if they really work. See it for yourself here.

Farmer working in sunion fieldCrate of sunions - the first tearless onion

Sunions are a new type of onion that grows sweeter every day. unlike regular cooking onions, they cause no tears when cut.

The game-changing Sunion onion ​took​ ​over​ ​three ​decades​ ​of​ ​investment,​ ​development, careful​ ​farming​ ​and​ ​hard​ ​work​ .​ ​When​​ ​harvested,​ ​sunions are​ ​stored​ ​and​ ​triple-tested​ ​for​ ​peak​ ​flavor​ ​and maximum​ ​tearlessness.​ Only then​ ​are​ ​Sunions​ ​released into the wild.​ ​

Sunions are NON-GMO and grown through an all-natural cross-breeding program. Unlike all other onions, Sunions become sweeter every day. Other onions contain volatile compounds that are responsible for tearing and pungent flavor. The amounts of these compounds in other onions remain the same or increase over time making for a less desirable onion. However, in Sunions, these compounds do the exact opposite and decrease to create a tearless, sweet, mild onion. Available mid-December until March or April, depending on supply, Sunions are an excellent Vidalia substitution when Vidalias are not in season.

Sunions are currently grown only in Nevada and Washington. Their tearless quality and incredible flavor profile is consistently sweet, mild and crunchy. That’s thanks to a tightly-controlled brand promise that Sunions must be certified to be both tearless and sweet before shipping. This certification process is unique to Sunions; setting them apart from all other onions on the market.