Royal Food Service Delivers Produce Boxes to Healthcare Workers Fighting COVID-19

Nourishing our communities is one of Royal’s core values because there aren’t many things that touch our lives as often or as significantly as food. That’s why Royal Food Service strives to be more than a produce delivery service; because with produce, it’s personal.


Royal Food Service joined leading fresh fruit and vegetable companies across the country in a collaborative, weekly initiative that is donating more than $1 MM in fresh fruits and vegetables in repacked produce boxes to benefit healthcare workers battling COVID-19 in the hardest hit areas of the country. The initiative, Feeding Our Frontlines, was created by Produce Partners to show appreciation to healthcare heroes for their courageous efforts on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Three nurses in scrubs holding produce boxes


To see Royal Food Service in action delivering our  latest round of produce boxes click here


To date, Royal Food Service has delivered 1,600 produce boxes to several hospitals including Piedmont Atlanta, Piedmont Newnan, Piedmont Mountainside in Jasper, GA, and Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center. Each delivery provides 400 of boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables to hospital staff that have been working around the clock to provide safe and exceptional care to patients affected by COVID-19. This gesture is a small thank you to our healthcare workers.

healthcare workers holding produce boxes


Nationally, more than 35,000 boxes filled with fresh produce and vegetables are being distributed to healthcare establishments so employees can take repacked boxes of healthy, convenient produce home after a long shift.  The roughly 12-15 pound box can feed a family of four for up to a week.  Driscoll’s, the leader in fresh berries was the first company to commit more than $350,000 in berry donations to this initiative.  Additional produce companies who are contributing to the effort include Sunkist, Taylor Farms, Dole, Mission, Rainier, Wada Farms, Mann Packing, and Grimmway Farms.


produce box full of fruits and vegetables


Now more than ever, fresh produce companies are committed to feeding the needs of the public .  The food and agriculture industry accounts for roughly one-fifth of the nation’s economic activity and has been identified as one of the critical infrastructures during COVID-19. Growers, farm workers, distributors, transportation providers, and grocers are considered essential workers and we are all are proud to contribute to the U.S. economy while supporting essential healthcare workers.