Market Alert

Growers and shippers in the northwest United States experienced extreme weather with large of snow.  Several packing operations have completely shut down which has a created a backlog of shipping delays.  Trucks are unable to make it to distribution points and the one that did make it are now stuck due to road closures.  The entire freight industry was already in a tough situation  and the current weather situation will cause it to get much worse.  As it stands now there are nowhere near enough trucks to deliver the backlog of products.   Prices will be escalated and we ask you to please be flexible as substitutions are likely to occur in the coming weeks.   

Onions – A severely tight market where demand exceeds supply is now forecasted to cause large gaps in the supply chain.  Sizing, quality, and overall supply shortages caused by the summer heat are now being compounded due to a lack of trucks to load and deliver product.  Prepared products such as diced and julienne onions are likely subject to shortages in the coming week and we could also experience shortages on whole product until the pipeline returns to normal.  Higher prices and supply gaps are imminent.  With the shortage on processed product, customers that normally get diced or julienne product may receive whole products instead.  This situation is evolving and we will send updated information as it becomes available.

Potatoes – Current inventory levels are sufficient as of this writing, but we may see some shortages.   Onions and potatoes typically load from the same region this time of year and the shortages of trucks and poor weather is affecting each crop similarly. Red Potatoes have already been an issue as supplies wind down and the above factors will further increase pressure on supplies.

Apples and Pears – Current inventory levels are good, however prices are increasing.   Red pears are in short supply and green pears are being substituted until the regular rhythm of deliveries resumes. 

Grapes-  Another commodity where current demand exceeds supply and will remain this way through the rest of January.   Container ships coming to the US are delayed at the major ports on both coasts.   Prices are extremely elevated and supplies are very low.  Offshore production is expected to peak in the coming weeks which should rapidly improve the price and supply situation, but only after it makes its way through the ports in into the domestic supply chain in late January

Limes– Prices continue to soar as demand exceeds supply and lime prices are forecasted to reach an all-time high. Rain in the growing region of Veracruz, Mexico, freight challenges, and staffing shortages due to COVID are the main contributors. Yields are expected to further decline into February, and we do not expect any relief until late April. Overall quality and shelf life are better at this time, however we ask for your flexibility on sizing color. Rain could cause quality issues to appear in the form of styler end breakdown, which is caused by internal fruit saturation prior to harvest. Our QA teams in the growing regions are working to grade the best fruit before shipping. We will send further updates and details as this situation is expected to last for an extended period of time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding for the next few weeks.  We are diligently working to keep supplies in stock.   If you have further questions please reach out to your sales representative for more information.