Product Alert – Melons

Cantaloupe and Honeydew:

Supplies are extremely limited as the industry remains in a demand exceeds supply situation. Currently, offshore season has concluded. Domestic melon crops are experiencing setbacks and Mexico is struggling to meet US demand. Melon market trend remains active with gradual increases going into the weekend. Multiple growing regions are currently overlapping. Due to the transition of import fruit to Mexico and Arizona, cantaloupe and honeydew supplies are extremely short. This shortage will lead to an increase in pricing. ​

There are a few suppliers in Florida offering cantaloupes and honeydews. However, supplies are extremely limited and inventories will be cleared out by the weekend. Offshore fruit finished the season strong with consistent quality all the way through the season.

Good availability this week on small sized fruit with plenty of opportunities to move volume. Large cantaloupes and honeydews remain limited but there are options. Mexican cantaloupes are available from May into July. Due to strong demand, growers will wrap up the season by the end of this month. Honeydew supplies out of Mexico will be available into July. Quality has been good overall.

Domestic (Sonoran Desert):
Weather this week calls for strong gusty winds up to 45 mph. Desert temperatures call for a cool down with max temps in the 80s-90s. Night time temps remain below 70 all week; helping to size up fruit. The Sonoran Desert will heat up next week with temps in the triple digits possibly reaching 110 degrees. Current size structure remains heavy on small fruit. cantaloupe 9’s and honeydew 5’s are extremely limited this week. By the week of June 1st, the sizing structure will shift; larger sized fruit will dominate while small fruit will be limited. Specialty melons are hitting the market in a light way.


Watermelon supply has also tightened with Florida crops not producing as much as expected while Texas crop struggles. Simultaneously, Mexican watermelon harvests are in short supply. Expect much higher prices with limited availability.