Market Update – Shortages & Increased Pricing.

East Coast Vegetables

Squash, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Corn, Peppers
East coast vegetable supplies face an uncertain future, and markets are expected to tighten as southeastern farmers transition from spring to summer crops, and demand increases. Social distancing is adding stress and inefficiency to the harvests with overall labor and productivity far below normal. Adding to the shortage, many acres were plowed under at the start of the virus when demand from foodservice came to a halt. Crops intended for harvest during the summer were not planted in the spring due to market uncertainty. Demand will play a big part in any changes to pricing and supplies. As more foodservice operators start to reopen, it will put more strain on supplies.

As the Norkotah storage crop continues to wind down and move heavily towards Burbanks, markets on larger size 40 count through 70 count cartons are on the rise this week and will continue inching upwards. Burbanks have a smaller size profile so the remaining storage supply will lean toward 80 count and smaller. As we move into the next two weeks we will see a rise in retail demand for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. The consensus for the balance of the Idaho storage crop will favor small size 80 count through 120 count size potatoes until new crop begins in August. Large size potatoes will be at a premium until Fall.

West Coast Vegetables

Light availability will continue on brussel sprouts and asparagus. Celery is gaining strength daily in the marketplace. Asparagus will continue to be extremely tight as we transition away from the Caborca area. Mexico’s production is inconsistent from one day to the next. Supplies in Salinas will be minimal for the week. Production in Peru will be minimal as well. Brussel sprout market continues to rise. The celery market is active; this will continue for the rest of the week.