Market Alert – West Coast Fruits/Vegetables & Avocados


  • Field prices continue to rise. As of this morning, prices have jumped 7 to 8 dollars per case.
  • Current Mexican crop no longer has sufficient volume to meet demand.
  • We anticipate shortages for the next few weeks and, will possibly gap on this current crop.
  • New crop of Flora Loca variety fruit will provide relief mid-July but supplies will remain tight and high priced until then.
  • Mexico is expecting rain for the next few days in the growing region of Michoacan. This could delay and set back the harvest on an already short market.

Late season fruit does not look as nice externally as does early season fruit but the eating quality is good. This fruit has been on the trees since October and has seen lots of sub-par weather.


California growers are harvesting volumes in an attempt to supply the west coast.  Prices are elevated and in step with Mexican market.  Fruit harvests are expected to taper off as we enter July.

West Coast Fruits & Vegetables

The Salinas Valley is experiencing extreme heat this week. Temperatures reached as high as 107 degrees yesterday with similar heat today.  This extreme heat shortens the available time to harvest.   As soon as the heat subsides growers and harvester will work to get supplies loaded.  All row crop items have seen significant price spikes and shortages of supplies given this extreme heat.   The near term forecast in the Salinas Valley looks favorable with no rain and consistent winds of 12-13 mph.  This should help supplies recover, but unfortunately the damage is done.
Quality over the next several weeks will be affected due to the extreme heat.  Leaf and Lettuce will both have tip burn, fringe burn and even internal burn.

The products effected the most will include: All lettuces, celery, cauliflower, parsley.


Watsonville Strawberries

Strawberries supplies are becoming increasingly tight. The weather has been cooler than the norm for this time of year and plants have been slow to recover from the abnormal rains and following heat in May.

All of next week will see a dip in the jet stream that will create “June gloom”, with an extended marine layer conditions. The cool temperatures, lack of bright sun and periods of drizzle will crush the already low yielding crops.

Growers with proprietary varieties  such as Driscoll’s are being hardest hit. These varieties do not hold up well under adverse conditions and are producing inferior quality and severely reduced yields. This situation will carry on through the next 2-3 weeks.