October 16 – Market Alert – Potato Supply Issues Continue to Worsen


We will continue to update as more information becomes available.

North Dakota is also evaluating and estimating a 40% crop loss with the amount of water and snow that transpired from the recent storm.  Growers are harvesting what they can but expecting depleted supplies and lower yields which will directly impact the remaining supplies from Idaho, Washington, and North Dakota.  Expect to see rising markets; in particular on red potatoes.

Availability of open market potatoes is extremely limited this week as potatoes harvested in late August/early September that are currently in storage have not fully gone through the sweat and unavailable for running through packing facilities.  Packing sheds are also running limited hours due to the lack of product available to ship.  This leaves us in a demand exceeds supply situation for Idaho potatoes.  We are looking into options of other areas such as Washington and Colorado to fill the void but those are also in high demand with the shift of purchasing to those regions.

Idaho growers and suppliers are continuing to harvest this week as well as evaluate crop losses.  This week has improved temperatures and growers are working around the clock to get every viable potato out of the ground and go directly to cellars to go through the suberization (sweat) process.