Royal Food Service Now Carries Kalera Hydro Lettuce

Kalera produces crispier, crunchier, greener lettuce – no pesticides, non-GMO, minimal environmental impact!

Locally grown Kalera hydro lettuce is safer, cleaner, and better tasting. With Kalera’s advanced technology, the finest and cleanest lettuce is available YEAR ROUND! If you’re a fan of farm to table then you’ll love Kalera’s Pick-To-Plate™!

Kalera’s cutting-edge hydroponic production facilities are designed for rapid rollout to grow vegetables faster, cleaner, at a lower cost, with a greater yield.

Kalera operates under the highest standards and practices to provide safe produce year-round.


Check out the Kalera line up now available from Royal Food Service:


Pack Size: 18 Ct

Description: Crispy, Crunchy, Sweet Juicy Leaves

Uses: Great for burgers, sandwiches, and salads

Holds up to burger heat like a boss!



Pack Size: 24 Ct

Description: Crunchy Bite, Smooth Tasting, Non-Bitter Succulent Leaves

Uses: Salads and sandwiches



Pack Size: 18 Ct

Description: 12 Romaine, 6 Kalera Krunch

Uses: Salad mix or sandwiches