Inclement Weather Will Impact Incoming Product

We are facing challenges with incoming product due to severe weather across the nation disrupting the supply chain – specifically road closures due to ice/snow causing delays on our inbound loads.  Incoming product delays are anticipated due to interstate closures, congested alternative routes, and lack of truck availability. 
Today, an unprecedented storm is spread throughout a large section of the country from South TX all the way to New England.  This storm is affecting the I-10, I-20, and I-40 corridors with closures due to ice and snow, which will continue into Tuesday.  Below Freezing temps will be in place for most of the week in all locations, so melt on the roadways will not provide any relief.  Getting in and out of south Texas/McAllen is challenging. Oregon is also seeing road closures but not as severe as Texas.
To further complicate things a second storm has moved into WA state this morning and will drop down through TX, and then back across the southeast by Wednesday of this week.  We are already seeing severe capacity shortages in WA, ID, and CA today due to the disruption of the highway systems.  
These storms have dramatically affected the truck capacity across the country and will create shortages and delays for the next 7-10 days until trucks stabilize back into normal rotation. . . All of these factors will reduce supply, and likely raise prices. Please try to plan as far ahead on new orders as you can to avoid shortages, realizing there may be some gaps in supply.
We will continue to update you as these situations progress. Thank you for your patience.