Fresh Produce

Fresh first with a focus on local. Whenever possible, Royal sources produce and goods locally. Beyond local, we partner with the best farms and suppliers available, delivering superior goods with every order.

Royal supports local farmers first whenever possible. Our extensive network of local farm partners enables us to bring you incredible produce that is locally grown.

When in season, Royal sources our products from local suppliers to support our local farm economy and bring the freshest possible ingredients to your kitchen. Our Greener Fields Together initiative offers grants to local farm partners in order to help them thrive and nurture greater availability of locally grown produce.


Royal offers assistance, expertise, insight, and inspiration – that’s the Royal ADVANTAGE.

Royal’s team is comprised of food industry veterans, former chefs, and people who are passionate about the products and services we offer. Have a question? Need inspiration? Hunting for something special? Our skilled staff is ready to assist!

Driven by a passion for the culinary arts, the culture, and the community it fosters, Royal has high standards for our inventory and our customers. Our carefully selected sales team is a skilled force of former chefs and food industry vets, so they get it, they know what you want and how you want it.

Our proactive, consultative approach reflects our commitment to creating genuine, collaborative partnerships with our customers. We’re more than a produce delivery company, Royal is your partner in produce perfection.