Corn Alert – February 11, 2021

Severe Weather Effects on Corn Crops


Last week South Florida was hit with freezing temperatures. The corn-growing regions which experienced these freezing conditions for an extended period of time have extensive damage and expected yields are far below normal. This lengthy exposure to cold will cause supply shortages for the next few months. As crews get into the fields they are discovering widespread damage and only a small portion of the crops remain in good condition.


Crops planted in October saw the wettest conditions in years with some farms in the area receiving 30 inches of rain. The second plantings in November were also damaged. In this case, Hurricane Eta brought high winds and heavy rains to areas that were already waterlogged from October. Coming into winter and the third plantings of the season, corn crops began with perfect weather, but last week’s freeze caused catastrophic damage throughout the entire growing region. We expect prices to remain much higher than usual, and both quality and availability will suffer until spring.


Stay tuned for further updates and talk to your sales representative for better value alternatives.