Celery Alert Update

Update – January 19, 2021

The celery market continues to be elevated and will remain so through the end of January.
Processed celery (celery sticks) look to be the most affected celery item. Processed celery fields are not sizing up and continue to produce lower yields. Supplies on processed celery will continue to struggle for the next couple of weeks.
The good news is carton celery supplies are starting to improve.

January 12, 2021

Celery fields are currently not mature enough to harvest as the growth process has slowed. Farms have started harvesting ahead of schedule to meet demand. Suppliers are now waiting for the remaining fields to mature. However, the climate will play a large role in the rate of maturation. The current forecast is for extended cool temps in the Oxnard area making supplies tight for the next few weeks.

January will be a challenging month to meet celery demand with national sporting events culminating with Bowl games and the eventual Super Bowl. As the weather forecast in Oxnard and Yuma looks to remain cool, we anticipate tight markets and supply challenges to continue.  Prices will be extremely high through the end of January. Please stay in contact with your sales rep for further updates. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you!