Broccoli Issues Continue

The broccoli supply has taken a hard hit this week and looks to be extremely tight through next week. Reduced plantings followed by erratic weather over the last couple of months has caused the broccoli to be knuckley with yellow tent/beads. Shippers are leaving bad quality product in the fields resulting in lower yields. This is an industry wide shortage. Not only does this pertain to broccoli bunches and crowns (see below for details on each item), it also impacts broccoli florets and Broccolini/Sweet Baby Broccoli. Suppliers are doing everything possible to acquire product; this may mean making another pick on the truck, moving an order back a day or subbing crowns for bunches. Most shippers are looking at covering only their normal business until they overcome this gap.

Broccoli Bunch
Light supply with some quality issues including medium heads with minor pin rot, yellow bead, and branching. Crews are leaving defects behind at field level resulting in slight declines in daily supplies. Expect moderate supplies over the next two weeks. Afterwards, over the next four to eight weeks, good to moderate supplies are forecasted but may include minor pin rot, hollow stem, and branching.

Broccoli Crowns
Light supply of broccoli crowns which may include medium to large heads with minor pin rot and brown/yellow bead. Crews are leaving defects behind at the field level resulting in inconsistent daily supplies. Plan for moderate to light supplies over the next week or two. Over the next four to eight weeks, expect moderate to light supplies.
Future issues could include minor pin rot and hollow stem.