Berries, Broccoli, & Corn – Oh My!


Central Valley Production has plummeted overall. Georgia and North Carolina have experienced severe weather further magnifying the blueberry shortage. Blueberries will be in very short supply out of all areas. Expect a demand exceeds supply situation through the end of the month.


The broccoli supply has taken a hard hit this week and looks to be extremely tight through next week. Reduced plantings followed by erratic weather over the last couple of months has caused the broccoli to be knuckley with yellow tent/beads. Shippers are leaving bad quality products in the fields resulting in lower yields. This is an industry-wide shortage. Not only does this pertain to broccoli bunches and crowns as previously mentioned, but it also impacts broccoli florets and Broccolini/Sweet Baby Broccoli.


Strawberry availability is becoming very limited due to high demand and reduced harvests coming out of Santa Maria as many shippers are winding down.


Prices are up, supplies are low, and quality is marginal on what is in the pipeline.  Color preferences cannot be accommodated at this time and substitutions from the grower/shippers are common right now.  This is a very severe situation.