Royal's Dirty Dozen Plus

Listed below are the produce items that consistently show the highest levels of toxic pesticides and are better for you to eat organically.

Apples • Blackberries • Blueberries (domestic) • Celery • Cherries • Cucumbers • Grapes • Green beans • Hot peppers • Leafy greens • Peaches • Pears • Potatoes • Raspberries • Snap peas (imported) • Spinach • Strawberries • Sweet bell peppers • Tomatoes | Learn more: Environmental Working Group (EWG)

7801Apple Fuji 80 Ct Organic80 CountPre-Order
7823Apple Granny Smith Organic88ctCasePre-Order
8651Baby Arugula Organic2-2# BagsIn Stock
7875Baby Spinach Organic4# Pillow PakIn Stock
5240Blackberries Organic12 PintsIn Stock
1282Blackberries Organic Frozen22#In Stock
1281Blueberry Organic12 6ozPre-Order
1277Blueberry Organic Frozen30# BoxIn Stock
7412Celery Organic50# CaseIn Stock
5186Collards Organic24 BunchesIn Stock
3749Greens Dandelion Organic24ct CasePre-Order
7098Kale Organic24 BunchesIn Stock
4017Kale Tuscan 24ct Organic24 BunchesIn Stock
4351Lettuce Field Mix Organic3# BoxIn Stock
5241Lettuce Iceberg Organic24 HeadsPre-Order
5494Parsley Organic 30ct30 BunchesIn Stock
7410Parsley Italian Organic30ct CasePre-Order
9291Pear Bosc Organic80 CountIn Stock
5814Pepper Red Organic11#Pre-Order
5818Pepper Green Organic1 1/9 BushelPre-Order
5326Potato Fingerling Organic16-1.5# BagsPre-Order
6850Radicchio Organic12 CtIn Stock
1278Raspberry Organic Frozen20# CSIn Stock
7122Romaine Hearts Organic12-3 PackIn Stock
7981Romanesco12 HeadsIn Stock
1279Strawberry IQF Organic30# CaseIn Stock
7090Strawberry Organic8-1# ClamshellsIn Stock
6687Tomato Cherry HeirloomFlatIn Stock
6107Tomato Grape Organic12 PintsIn Stock
6744Tomato Heirloom Mixed Variety10#In Stock