3658Apple Empire 125/138125/138 CtIn Stock
1093Apple Fuji 64 Ct64 CountPre-Order
1020Apple Fuji 88ct64/88 CountIn Stock
1072Apple Fuji 125/138ct125 CountIn Stock
1102Apple Gala 64 Ct64 CountPre-Order
1011Apple Gala 88 Ct88 CountIn Stock
7802Apple Gala 88 Ct Organic88 CountIn Stock
1076Apple Gala 125/138ct125 to 138 CounIn Stock
1012Apple Georgia Pink Lady 125ct125 CountIn Stock
1001Apple Golden 88 Ct88 CountIn Stock
1006Apple Golden 125/138 Ct125 CountIn Stock
1034Apple Granny Smith 64 Ct64 CountIn Stock
1004Apple Granny Smith 88ct88 CountIn Stock
1013Apple Granny Smith 125/138ct125 to 138 CounIn Stock
7823Apple Granny Smith Organic40# caseIn Stock
7650Apple Grins (Schools)100-2oz BagsIn Stock
1083Apple Honey Crisp 100/125ct100 to 125 CounIn Stock

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Apple Honey Crisp 80ct
#7498 - Package Size: 2/3 Bushell
Weight: 22.00
Store Temp: 32-38 degrees F

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