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4273Baby Arugula Cello Eastern2-1.5# BagsIn Stock
8651Baby Arugula Organic2-2# BagsIn Stock
7001Baby Arugula Wild CA 4 Lb4# BoxIn Stock
2520Baby Kale Blend3# Pillow PakIn Stock
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8028Chard Rainbow Swiss12 CtIn Stock
8027Chard Red Swiss12 CtIn Stock
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7011Cilantro 4/1 Pre-Washed4-1# BagsIn Stock
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3015Collards Box (6 bunches)6 BunchesIn Stock
3016Collards Chopped Retail8-1#Pre-Order
2206Endive (Chickory)24 HeadsPre-Order
2205Endive Belgium10# BoxIn Stock
5650Endive Belgium Red8# BoxIn Stock
2210Escarole24 HeadsIn Stock
7013Fennel/Anise24 CountIn Stock
4294Greens Dandelion12 CountIn Stock
4691Greens Mustard24 BunchesIn Stock
3008Greens Turnip24 BunchesIn Stock
4000Kale24 BunchesIn Stock
4001Kale Oriental24 BunchesIn Stock
6988Kale Red Russian24CtPre-Order
4015Kale Tuscan 12ct12 BunchesIn Stock
4016Kale Tuscan 24ct24 BunchesIn Stock
4017Kale Tuscan 24ct Organic24 BunchesIn Stock
6429Kohlrabi12# BoxIn Stock
9645Leaves Banana6/3# BagsIn Stock
8457Leaves Bay1# BagIn Stock
7025Leaves CactusCaseIn Stock
7451Leaves Fall (Decorative)1 BunchPre-Order
7459Leaves LemonBunchIn Stock
7452Leaves Lime Kaffir1# BagIn Stock
3295Lerttuce Asian Blend (Benz) NLPre-Order
4440Lettuce Arcadian Harvest4-3# BagsIn Stock
4442Lettuce Arcadian Harvest 3#3# BoxIn Stock
4336Lettuce Artisan Blend15 CountIn Stock
4316Lettuce Bibb Hydro (Clamshell)12 HeadsIn Stock
4315Lettuce Boston Butter Fieldpack24 HeadsIn Stock

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Lettuce Burgundy Butter
#4298 - Package Size: 18ct Case
Weight: 3.00
Store Temp: 32-38 degrees F

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