November 30, 2018 – Tomato Alert

Dear Valued Customers,

At the end of October we had a major Hurricane come through and take a direct hit on one of the major growing regions for tomatoes in Florida. During this time the GA and TN crops were ending early due to excessive rain. Also at the same time the Mexican growing regions were majorly affected by extreme weather conditions. These unusual circumstances created a perfect storm for a huge gap in the tomato market. Supplies are very tight on both coasts with not enough supplies to cover the demands of the entire country. The next region to produce is the Ruskin/Palmetto, Florida area. They are currently producing, but do not have enough supplies to cover demand. We have seen extreme shortages, quality issues, and light color over the past several weeks. We expect this situation to continue until production picks up in both FL and Mexico. We may not see any major relief until the end of December (bearing no major weather issues). Royal will continue to keep you updated regarding tomatoes.

Thank you,

The Royal Food Service Team