January 4 – Chile Pepper Alert

Expect higher than average prices and lower supplies.

Dear Valued Customers,

In Mexico

This past fall, the main growing region in Mexico for chile peppers received massive amounts of rain. The rain affected plants that were in season and also damaged the younger plants that are now producing at lower than normal volumes.  Additionally, recent cold weather has negatively affected the usual harvest volumes. It has become a daily struggle to get high quality product at regular prices. Mexico retains a large amount of product for their domestic use and with a lower than usual supply, less product has crossed into the US. This pattern will likely remain in place for the coming weeks. The short-term forecast of warmer temperatures and less rain will help aid recovery.

In Florida

Florida produces a relatively small amount of chile peppers.

Extended periods of rain and cooler temperatures over the last few weeks has resulted in little to no production. The forecast of warmer temperatures expected over the weekend should improve production but there will not be enough change in available supplies to relieve the shortages.

With similar issues in both growing regions, expect higher than average prices and lower supplies with sporadic quality issues for most of January. Please consult your sales representative for further updates. Thank you for your understanding.

Royal Food Service Team