December 4, 2018 – Collard Greens Alert

Dear Valued Customers,

There is an extreme shortage of Collard Greens right now. Shortage will continue into the near future. When Hurricane Michael came through, the growing region for all greens was severely damaged (Collards, Turnip, Mustard, and Kale). Initial surveys of the damage were under estimated and they were hoping things would recover. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving, product harvests came to a complete halt to allow fields to recover and support the Christmas and New Year’s push. Collard crops took the worst of the hit. Collard green supplies and shipments have decreased to zero from all growing regions. This has become an industry wide issue since during this time of year about 90% of the greens are grown in Georgia and South Carolina. Texas produces some, but nowhere near the amount needed to cover demand for the entire country. Things were going ok and we were looking at possibly getting product by the end of this week. However, South Georgia farms received almost a foot of rain over the weekend. Our main supplier Baker Farms has essentially lost their entire crop for the remainder of the season. Kale seems to be the best alternative due to availability in other regions. Turnip and Mustard greens may be an option but we don’t have specifics on possible volumes at this time. Royal will keep you posted on any changes, but for now please bear with us and be open to substitutions for the coming weeks.

Thank you,

The Royal Food Service Team