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About Royal Food Service

Field to the Plate

PRO*ACTRoyal Food Service is the Southeast's premier distributor of fresh produce and dairy products.  We are an independently owned and operated business founded in Atlanta and serving the state of Georgia since 1994.  While catering to the needs of all of our customers we are able to compete with the mega corporations through the buying power of PRO*ACT.  As a member of PRO*ACT, we are able to provide unparalleled quality and selection to a wide range of clientele from small establishments to large purchasing groups. Our unique position as a privately owned company allows us to deliver personalized attention and care to our customers while leveraging the size and dependability of our large, trusted PRO*ACT network. As one of 78 PRO*ACT companies we have unrivaled national coverage that allows you to expand your business into other markets while retaining a PRO*ACT program. Royal can help you manage the costs associated with your produce purchases while consolidating produce suppliers in this market and throughout the Southeast through our PRO*ACT affiliation. Royal truly offers you “The Best of Both Worlds.”  

Royal Food Service carries a complete line of perishable products that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh dairy, shelled and liquid eggs, fresh squeezed juice, dried fruits and nuts, Kosher pickles, IQF fruits, Napa Valley purées, herbs, fresh olives, value-added fruit and vegetables, and a full line of specialty and seasonal produce. As a member of PRO*ACT, we are able to provide unparalleled quality and selection and this is supported by a quality control staff that guarantees your product from the “field to the plate.”



Our leased fleet of delivery trucks has an average life of less than three years. All of our trucks are fully refrigerated and fitted with curtains that allow us to offer deliveries at the optimum temperatures which are monitored via real-time GPS technology. We pre-cool our trucks prior to loading and stack all products on pallets. This maximizes shelf life and the quality of product while securing the integrity of your delivery. All of our trucks are equipped with Nextel radios that are programmed with technology enabling our management team and customer service department to monitor the sequence of deliveries for each route. This improves communication with our customers if a truck happens to run into a delay due to traffic, or other unforeseen circumstances.



We welcome all of our customers, both current and future, to tour our facility and see the difference as compared to our competition. You won’t find sprayed on insulation at Royal. Our state of the art facility is designed with food integrity and safety as the primary focus. Royal has over 74,000 sq. ft. of computer monitored cold storage space that is zoned independently in order to match the right temperature with the right products, producing the ideal climate for each commodity. We also offer 2,500 sq. ft. of dry storage space. We are a HACCP certified facility as well as audited by Primus GFS, an independent third party auditor.  Come visit us!


Sustainability & Locally Grown

Greener Fields Together

Greener Fields TogetherRoyal Food Service, as a PRO*ACT distributor, supports Greener Fields Together, a groundbreaking, industry-wide sustainability program for the entire produce value chain. It was created and is administered by PRO*ACT and will be run by PRO*ACT and its national network of independently-owned local purveyors. As a formalized, stand-alone program, Greener Fields Together engages and involves farmers, distributors, foodservice operators and retail locations in efforts to work toward safer produce from seed to fork.

Greener Fields Together has two primary goals: To implement sustainability practices that will improve environmental impact, and, to ensure the availability and safety of produce for foodservice and retail partners in all industry segments.

Greener Fields Together is a program for all supply chain partners, including local, regional and national farmers, PRO*ACT distributors, commercial and noncommercial foodservice customers and retail locations.

Royal Food Service is certified by the Green Business Bureau for consistent commitment to green sustainability practices.

Learn more about Greener Fields Together. | Watch video


Georgia Grown

Georgia Grown logoIn 2012, Royal Food Service joined Georgia Grown, a program designed by the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture to help the agricultural economies by joining with producers, processors, suppliers, distributors, retailers, agritourism and consumers to help them grow.

Georgia Grown offers vast experience in sustainability, quality and integrity and its well-established brand helps businesses to promote Georgia-grown products. Visit our Georgia Grown profile.


Georgia Organics

Royal Food Service is a member of Georgia OrganicsRoyal Food Service is also a member of Georgia Organics. Georgia Organics is recognized state-wide and abroad as experts in local, sustainable organic agriculture. This affiliation helps us to support local organic farming, our customers in healthcare whose patients depend on certified organic produce for treatment, and increases visibility to our expanding line of organic fruits and vegetables. Learn more about Georgia Organics